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Midwest Ag
Due to a malfunction with the grain leg, Midwest Ag will not be able to dump corn. The problem is expected to be fixed in a couple days. Updates will be posted.

Fungicides on Wheat
Now is the time to start looking at your wheat crop to determine if a fungicide is needed this year. The majority of the energy to fill the kernels comes from the flag leaf, so we need to keep it free of disease. Stripe rust is present in Nemaha County again this year and it can progress very rapidly with the warm wet weather that is in the forecast. Please contact your NCCA agronomist if you would like them to look at your wheat fields. NCCA has teamed up with Precision Aerial Ag LLC to make sure we can protect your crops from disease if you would like to spray with an airplane.

Warehouse Update
We now have a limited supply of endophyte friendly (non-toxic) tall fescue on hand. This would work well in place of brome. Come in to pick up some literature to see if this would fit into your farm and ranch program.

We also have some Clearance Items:
Lambda 240ml Concentrate - $32/bottle
Annihilator - 1Gal Insect Spray - $20/gallon


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Grain Comments

This morning commodities have found support in the tumbling dollar, coming mostly at the hands of a surprise decision by Japan’s Central Bank. Interesting to see gold and silver moving higher as the “value” of cash erodes with the negative interest rates and poor world economic growth, all would lead to the idea of more money moving into the commodity markets in general. Grains are also getting support from a huge week of export sales of over 85 million bushels of corn. Wheat export sales were also better than expected at 12.9 million bushels while beans were weak at only 8.3 million. Argentine farmers are getting back into their soybean fields, following a disastrous start to harvest there while the next window for U.S. planting looks like next week. The current cool and wet conditions haven’t been the most favorable for the newly planted crops, but they won’t be overly stressed.

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