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December Newsletter
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Northern Branches:
Monday-Friday 8am-5pm CLOSED SATURDAY
Mr Tire open Saturday 7:30am-noon

Southern Branches:
Monday-Thursday 8am-5pm

Soil Temperatures
Please click the link for updated soil temps. CLICK HERE

Storage rates for corn and milo and wheat is charged at 4 cents per bushel per month or .001315 cents per day.

Storage on beans is charged at 4.5 cents per month or .001479 cents per day. Both of these rates are less than our local terminals’ rate – that is if they provide storage- some don’t allow storage and some only offer deferred pricing contracts.

Discounts charged, especially for moisture in corn, vary between companies. It would benefit you to compare discount schedules before you make the decision on where you are going to sell and deliver your grain.

If you have farm stored corn and are looking for bids to terminal markets or Midwest Ag Service give us a call.

If you have farm stored beans let us give you a bid to get them to AGP.

Fall Spraying
If you have trouble controlling winter annuals like Henbit, Pennycress and Marestail now is the time to be spraying. Contact your NCCA location to line up your acres so you can start next spring with a clean field.

Grid Sampling
Now is the time to line up your fields that you want grid sampled this fall. Know what your pH and nutrient levels are in your fields. Talk to your NCCA agronomist to get it lined up 2016.

Plot Data
We have some of our results back from plots we have done across our trade area. Click the link below to see those results.



Nemaha County Coop Reminders

Fuel Filter Reminder: Fall and Winter is a great time to change out filters on your fuel tanks. Over time, sediments and other contaminants settle in your fuel and also into your filters causing problems. Be sure to ask us to change your filters when ordering fuel.

Propane Contracting: Be sure to price protect yourself from higher heating costs this winter. Call us about our winter contracting prices today! 785-336-6153

VANILLA FLAVORED DEER CORN we have another 40 bags in if you still need help luring your deer in.

LIVESTOCK FARMERS....... Don't forget about the VFD directive going in affect on January 1. You need to be visiting with your veterinarian.

LIVESTOCK FARMERS.......In conjunction with Midwest Ag Service, we will start providing a more diverse selection of cattle minerals for your operation. Feel free to stop in, or call 785-336-3510 for more info.

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