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Current News

Out of Propane or Gas Contact Info:
St. Marys
--Marvin Clark -- 785-456-4516
--Brandon Channel -- 785-458-9734

--Dan Haverkamp -- 785-294-0861
--Mark Studer -- 785-294-0860
--Brian Winkler -- 785-294-0082

Is your planter tuned up for 2016?
Bring your planter meters in now to have our expert staff make sure they are working like they were new. Prevent doubles and skips by having your planter meters put on the stand to get it dialed in with Precision Planting replacement parts. Get ahead of the rush, bring your meters in today.

Cardtrol's Down Thursday
Due to some software updates for Triple E (our cardtrol software) the pumps will be DOWN and unavailable for use on Thursday, February 11th at the following times:
Vliets: 12:00-1:00
Seneca: 1:00-2:00
Corning: 2:00-3:00

Triple E is hoping this will only take 40 minutes at each location but want to allow for any issues that could make it take a little longer.

LIEAP Assistance Program
You may quality for the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) - a program that can help you with a one-time payment toward your heating costs.

Informational Flyer

If you have any questions please contact our Seneca location at 785-336-6153 or St Marys at 785-437-2984.

Newsletter Sign Up
We are starting a quarterly newsletter again for all grain, agronomy, fuel and community news. Please CLICK HERE to sign up to receive the newsletter via email.

Grain Comments

Tuesday’s upwardly-revised USDA U.S. ending stocks estimates all reflected levels above the officially-reported average trade estimates but were still within the range of estimates. Additionally, the USDA raised South American crop estimates aggressively in some cases and certainly were more than anticipated by the market today. The overall mantra in the grain/oilseed markets continues to be weakening demand concerns, strong/rising global competition and very large/heavy U.S. and global stocks weighing on market sentiment and outright price levels.

‘15/16 Carryout (billion bushels): Feb USDA / Avg Est / Jan USDA
Corn: 1.837 / 1.809 / 1.802 Beans: 0.450 / 0.445 / 0.440 Wheat: 0.966 / 0.947 / 0.941

‘15/16 Global Carryout (million tonnes): Feb USDA / Avg Est / Jan USDA
Corn: 208.8 / 208.25 / 208.94 Beans: 80.4 / 78.97 / 79.28 Wheat: 238.9 / 231.48 / 232.04

‘15/16 SA Production (million tonnes): Feb USDA / Avg Est / Jan USDA
ARG Corn: 27.0 / 25.3 / 25.6 ARG Beans: 58.5 / 56.9 / 57.0
BRZ Corn: 84.0 / 81.5 / 81.5 BRZ Beans:
100.0 / 99.4 / 100.0

AGP's Dump Hours:
Monday - Friday 6am to 4pm

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